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DOORKEEPERS   a Christ-Centered Ministry

where the door to a personal relationship with God is open, manned and available


Our Focus : Discipleship and Outreach through Awareness and Engagement


Reaching men of no faith, little faith and great faith to connect with Christ, DOORKEEPERS

is a group of men who meet other men ‘where they are at’, not where some have determined ‘where they should be”.   John 8: 11


We are committed  to Jesus Christ as ALL.  Jesus is THE Answer. 
The Bible is the Love Story, giving principles & commands, guidance to ALL.  Pointing to Jesus is ALL.  HIS Grace is sufficient.

We are committed to ‘being there’ for men : spiritually, emotionally, physically and for every season-of-life. 
Every relationship is important.  

We are committed to providing a ‘safe place’ for men to be part of ongoing, Scripture-based discussions around real-life issues.

We are committed to providing a variety of real opportunities for men to physically engage in Service Projects, Adventures, Fun and Learning Moments; bringing ‘the whole man’ to the surface.

We are committed to helping men become part of healthy, local churches and communities of faith.

We are committed to developing men who ‘lead from the middle’.  
Every man is a leader to whom the Holy Spirit gives comfort, direction and guidance.   Discipleship builds Leaders.

We are committed to channelling all resources, every available dollar, commitment of time and gifting toward His Kingdom.


DOORKEEPERS  is a ‘Judgment-free Zone’ … a not-denominational group of men who focus on Christ First, and Christ in ALL.
The “Theology Debate Club” is NOT in session …  Every man has a ‘voice at the table’.


Key Verses

Matt. 28: 19 -20;  Matt. 22: 37 – 40

John 8: 11;  John 13: 35 – 36

Psalm 84: 10;  Prov. 17 : 17;  Prov. 27 :17

1 Cor. 9: 14;  1 Cor. 9: 22


Key Reflection

“So I Stay Near the Door“  Samuel Shoemaker





The best Bible-translation for a man to Study

  is the version that he will read and ponder … “ 

Kev / Ray & The Little Blue Guys

American Faith


claim to be Christian


Claim to be Atheist or Agnostic


Identify with Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Hindusim

Are Unsure

73% of ALL Americans State that "religious faith" is important in their life

DOORKEEPERS Conclusion - 
" Where is the Love?"

Barner Research   2016

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